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Vol 1, No 01                                              A REL-MAR McConnell Media Company Publication             Digital Version  -  June/July  2018

             Is “The New Age” Old                                In the late 19th century, Russian Spangler brought forth the idea that there would
                                                         spiritualist Helena Blavatsky (1831 -1891) be a release of new waves of spiritual energy, as
                           News?                         announced a coming New  Age. She believed a result of astrological changes when the earth
                                                         that theosophists should assist the evolution of moved into a new cycle characterized by the
                                                         the human race and prepare to cooperate with Age of  Aquarius. Spangler felt these events
                                                         one of the “Ascended Masters of the Great would initiate the coming of the New Age. He
                                                         White Brotherhood,” whose arrival was further suggested that people use this new
                                                         imminent. Blavatsky believed the members of energy to make manifest the New Age (i).
                                                         this mystical brotherhood to be the hidden world       Eventually, the New Age movement lost
                                                         leaders who guided the destiny of the planet. Her its original focus of personal introspection and
                                                         ideas contributed to the concept of a New Age the evolution of the human race promised by the
                                                         heralded by the coming of the Aquarian Age, impending high frequency  Aquarian  Age. It
                                                         that promised a period of brotherhood and       became a catchall for doomsday theories, self-
                                                         enlightenment.                                  proclaimed channels, chrystal healing practices,
                                                                 In the 1940s, Alice A. Bailey, founder of and anything else that didn’t agree with
                                                         the  Arcane School, suggested that a new mainstream science and religion.
                                                         messiah, the Master Maitreya, would appear in          By the end of the 1980s, the New Age
                                                         the last quarter of the 20th century. Bailey movement lost its momentum. Although viewed
                     by Gwilda Wiyaka                    brought people together in groups of three to as a religious movement, it was disparaged for
                                                         meditate daily, believing that they received its acceptance of unscientific ideas and
                                                         divine energy, which they shared with others, practices.
                                                         thereby raising overall spiritual awareness.           Following was the hype and hysteria
          Many consider the New Age Movement to have
                                                                 After Bailey’s death, other groups about the Mayan calendar and the purported end
          its roots in a range of spiritual or religious
                                                         formed, claiming the ability to transmit spiritual of the world on 12-21-12.
          beliefs and practices that developed in Western
                                                         energy to the world, and allegedly received            Yet here we are, the Age of Aquarius is
          nations during the 1970s – just at the end of the
                                                         channeled messages from various preternatural indeed upon us, and with it, monumental change
          “Commune Movement” of the 60s.  Yet the
                                                         beings, such as the  Ascended Masters of the and upheaval. While many of the early so called
          Cosmic Humanist movement has its roots as far
                                                         Great White Brotherhood.                        New Age beliefs were laced with giant leaps of
          back as the Romantic poets of the 1800s. Ralph
                                                                 In the 1960s, the leader of the Universal illogic and faulty conclusions, the rapid
          Waldo Emerson,  Walt  Whitman, and Henry
                                                         Foundation, Anthony Brooke, traveled widely, transformative changes of our current times
          David  Thoreau rejected the God of the Bible,
                                                         predicting an apocalyptic event during the cannot be denied.
          writing about a transcendent quality of
                                                         Christmas season of 1967.
          spirituality experienced entirely through
                                                                 In 1970,  American theosophist David                            (Continued on Page 3)
          personal introspection.
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