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14                                 Intuitive Energy Healing

          How to Clear Your Energy

               Blocks with Intuitive

                   Energy Healing

                       Wendy De Rosa

          Over the many years in my practice, I’ve had
          people say, “I feel blocked… I want to clear my
          blocks....” Or, “I want to release these blocks
          that keep me from feeling ____ (fill in the blank
          here).” Yet, what are energy blocks?  Why do
          they affect us and how can you clear them with
          Intuitive Energy Healing?
                                                          soul’s voice or consciousness around why the   support.
          What are energy blocks?                         block was there, where it came from and
                                                          whether it is still needed. In order to do this, it  About the Author:
          Energy blocks are imprints of life experiences  would require working with someone who is an          Wendy De Rosa is international intuitive
          stored in the energetic body during a time when  intuitive energy healer, OR tuning in to your  energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author. For
          the conscious was not able to process or repair  own energy system and unravel the block.      the past two decades, she has offered private
                                                                                                         sessions, education and training programs for
          the imprint. Similarly, not all blocks are
          negative. As an example, if a parent says to you  Here is how you can unravel the block on your  spiritual and personal growth for anyone
          at an early age, “Only trust mom and dad and    own:                                           wanting to develop their intuition, clear their
          don’t trust anyone else,” that belief becomes an  1.   Find a quiet space, free of distractions  blocks, and experience personal transformation.
                                                          and take some deep breaths to get grounded in  She is the founder of  The School of Intuitive
          imprint in the energetic system, usually in the
          Root Chakra. As a young toddler, it is important  the space.                                   Studies and  The Intuitive Healer  Training
          for the child to bond to safety and trust their  2.    Ask yourself where you feel the block in  Program. Wendy has filmed two programs for
                                                          your body? Let your body or your soul tell you.’s spiritual growth channel
          parents, and have boundaries. Yet, as the child
          grows, this belief becomes a hindrance, because  3.    Take some deep breaths into this area of  Soulvana, and she is a faculty member of The
          part of developing safety includes trusting     your body.                                     Shift Network. She has appeared on CBS
          others and trusting self. If the belief of only  4.    Ask this block to tell you what it is, how  News/Better Connecticut four times and her
          trusting mom and dad (which is fear based)      long it has been there, who it came from, and  book Energy Healing Through the Chakras: A
          doesn’t get repaired by the parents offering a  what purpose it is serving you now. Even if it is  Guide to Self-Healing is an Amazon Best-Seller.
                                                          negative, this serving you in some way.        Wendy is also a contributing author to the Best-
          new belief and teaching, then this belief
          becomes a block.                                5.     Now tell the block you are ready to step  Selling book, Bouncing Back:  Thriving in
                 Blocks can be old belief systems, stored  into your light and your power and you no     Changing Times with Wayne Dyer, Bryan Tracy,
          and unprocessed emotions from a challenging     longer need the block. Tell the block it is free to  John  Assaraf and other leaders in personal
          experience, fear, or survival mechanisms from   go.                                            growth. Out now is  Wendy’s 3rd book,
          early family systems, but are outdated when     6.     Breathe into any and all emotions – from  Expanding Your Heart: Awakening through Four
          living in the world.                            here out – as you guide your breath to this area  Stages of a Spiritual Opening. []
                 Blocks are also subconscious, which      of your body to release it.
          means they are part of someone’s operating      7.     Release the block by letting it go down
                                                          to the earth through a long grounding cord, or
          system that gets acted out subconsciously, until
          a person becomes conscious of the pattern or    up to the heavens to release, or simply allow it
          block and decides to heal it.                   to dissolve.
                                                          8.     Thank the block, if needed, for getting
          How can you clear energy blocks with            you this far, and let it know you are going to
                                                          step into your power now.
          Intuitive Energy Healing?
                                                          9.     Feel your power, presence and light fill
                                                          into the space, once you have released this
          First of all, there are many ways to unravel a
                                                          energy of the block.
          block. I use the word “unravel” because there
                                                          10.     Declare: “I am free of this block and
          could be layers to the block, emotions about
                                                          expanding into who I am here to be.” Feel free
          living without it and/or emotions surrounding it
                                                          to choose your own wording here.
          that were present at the time of life when the
                                                                 Intuitive Energy Healing is a powerful
          block formed, or even a purpose for why the
                                                          way to release the feelings of stuck, irritable,
          block is there and how it was needed for a
                                                          angry, upset, lethargic, and more. These 10 steps
          period of time.
                                                          will get you off to a great start on how to clear   Paranormal StakeOut
                 Intuitive Energy Healing is a process of
                                                          your energy blocks using intuitive energy
          looking at an energy block from an intuitive                                                          with Larry Lawson
                                                          healing. If you find you do need more help, or
          perspective and applying breath and awareness
                                                          you would like to learn more about Intuitive
          to release the emotions and energy relating to                                             
                                                          Energy Healing, you may visit the
          the block.  This would require tuning into the
                                                    for   further
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