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Steve Judd’s Monthly Musings                                                                                        17

             A Modernistic Look at


                          Steve Judd

          Pluto was discovered on February 18th, 1930,
          just over 88 years ago. Although its orbit is 248
          years, it moves in an eccentric pattern, spending
          30 years in Taurus, yet only 11 years in Scorpio
          and Sagittarius. Since it was first spotted, Pluto
          has completed fractionally over half an orbit
          and is now within one degree of opposition to
          the place it was at its discovery.
                 The mythological line of Pluto is clearly  Recent discoveries of Pluto are pushing us to a  power broker.
          defined – Pluto in Greek myth is Hades, the first  new understanding of our own unconscious.          Instead, the astrological Pluto is truly
          of five children of Cronos (Saturn), swallowed  With the advent of both personal and           about being power filled, acting as a conduit and
          by their father lest they usurp him (as Cronos  transpersonal psychology, individuals are being  channel for Pluto’s power and becoming an
          did with his father, Ouranus). Freed by his     encouraged to go into their own personal dark  agent for transformation and a catalyst for
          youngest brother Jupiter (Zeus), Pluto, Jupiter  and explore it, safe in the knowledge that there  change. Indeed, perhaps catalyst is a good word
          and the third brother, Neptune, divided the     are no monsters in the caves of the unconscious,  for Pluto – a catalyst doesn’t heal or change
          firmament between them, with Neptune taking     only dark. By going into these caves and       others, they give others the power to heal or
          the water world, Jupiter taking the overworld,  bringing light into the dark and then returning  change themselves, making individuals more
          and Pluto taking the underworld. Gradually, the  and bringing dark into the light, we are creating  self-empowered and less dependent on others,
          ideas of Hades and Pluto became separate, with  a more unified and integrated sense of self.   which in turn helps transform the world.
          Hades eventually becoming Pluto’s domain.       There cannot be light without also dark. They         As more and more people engage with
                 From an early date, Pluto’s astrological  are equal and opposite.                       Pluto and their own personal psychological
          values became clearly defined and have                 As we become more aware of our own      states, so the doorways of the unconscious and
          developed since that time. From a challenging   psychology, so we become more self-            subconscious become wider and more available
          perspective, Pluto has always been the planetary  empowered to make decisions for ourselves that  to all. Perhaps as we get a foothold in the third
          influence that deals with obsession and         eliminate doubt. Merciless and mercenary are   millennium, so the emergence of Pluto into the
          compulsion, intensity and extremes, as well as  cruel and callous words, with no room for      light becomes more of a metaphor for an
          ideas of pain through crisis and trauma. At a   empathy or compassion, but ruthless is just yes  integrated transformation, both of ourselves and
          neutral level, Pluto deals with purging,        or no, black or white with no middle ground.   the planet we share.
          detoxing,    cleansing,   purification   and    The position of Pluto in our individual birth         In this light, a more shamanistic
          elimination, whilst from a positive perspective,  charts is increasingly making us aware of our  approach to life, the planet and our collective
          Pluto is transformation and regeneration, the   capacity for elimination and purging of self-  responsibility towards it is signified, and to
          caterpillar changing into the butterfly, the snake  doubt and the vacuous through being ruthless,  quote  Terence McKenna, “Not a moment too
          shedding its skin, and the phoenix rising from  whilst retaining the capacity for empathy and  soon.” Embrace Pluto.  There is nothing to be
          the ashes, reborn through crisis into a cleaner  compassion – Pluto is beginning in certain    scared of except fear itself. Pluto teaches us that
          and clearer position.                           astrological circles to be seen as the dark    death is not the end, merely the next step and
                 Since the New Horizons space probe       feminine as much as the dark masculine!        that we are eternal, with physical death just
          visit to Pluto in 2015, we’ve been able to gaze        A strong Pluto in the birth chart       being the jump from one dimension to another.
          onto the face of Pluto, seeing for the first time  basically means that you don’t burn out; you  We are all entitled to a good life and we are all
          that which has been hidden, or occluded, from   keep going when everybody else falls by the    entitled to a good death. Pluto, after all, is the
          us for nearly ninety years, suggesting that Pluto  wayside. You make and take the hard choices  planet of death and rebirth!
          is beginning to give up its secrets.  The first  that others won’t or can’t.  Pluto is setting you  Steve Judd, late March 2018.
          pictures from Pluto clearly show that half of the  free and breaking your heart at the same time, to
          planetary surface is covered in white ice, whilst  quote ABGT. It removes the capacity for doubt  About the Author:
          the rest is dark rock or carbon, emphasizing the  and elevates consciousness to a position of         Steve Judd is a practicing astrologer with
          Plutonic nature of black and white, yes and no,  certainty, even if that certainty makes you   40+ year’s astrological experience. Check him
          with little, if any, middle ground. The visit of  realize things about yourself that aren’t very  out on YouTube or at []
          the spacecraft also showed how the Plutonic     nice. It takes you above and beyond the confines
          system, with Pluto’s attendant Moons of         of normal emotional space and time, creating a
          Charon, Nix, Kerberos, Hydra and Styx, is       world view that is absolute.                      The dream is specifically the utterance
          unique. Charon orbits Pluto twice for every one        Many people make the mistake of            of the unconscious. just as the psyche
          time that Pluto orbits Charon, creating a kind of  identifying the astrological Pluto with the    has a diurnal side which we call
          binary system with an absolute void at the      notion of being powerful, but that carries with it  consciousness, so also it has a
          center – very fitting for Pluto’s astrological  the idea of owning power, which in time will      nocturnal side: the unconscious
          meaning    of    depth,   unconscious    and    corrupt and twist the individual into the dark    psychic activity which we apprehend as
          subconscious, darkness at the center.           and negative side of Pluto, the manipulator and   dreamlike fantasy. - Carl Jung
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