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2                                  Letter From The Editor

               The New Age Chronicles                                                                        Letter from the Editor

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                                              In This Edition of
                                  The New Age Chronicles, No. 1, Vol. 1
                                               June / July 2018

                                                                                                                       Gwilda Wiyaka
          Page 01: Is “New Age” Old News - Gwilda Wiyaka
          Page 02: Letter From The Editor  - Gwilda Wiyaka
                                                                                                          Myths, legends, prophecies and shamanic
          Page 04: Listen To Love - Corinne Zupko
                                                                                                          teachings across the globe have pointed to the
          Page 05: Negative Emotions Affect Your Health - Nauman Naeem
                                                                                                          time in which we are currently living as one of
          Page 06: DNA Is Not Your Destiny - Dawson Church                                                great transformation and strife – a time when
          Page 07: Preventing And Reversing Diabetes - Pankaj Vij                                         old ways and systems fail, and a new order, or
          Page 08: Frequencies Change Your Life - Ellen McDonough                                         age, begins.
          Page 09: Cleansing And Dharma - Jonathan Glass, M.Ac                                                   There has been much misinterpretation,
          Page 10: Holistic Cancer Foundation - Carl O Helvie                                             hype, and hysteria as to what this really means.
          Page 11: You Are At Risk: Autoimmune Disease - Kristin Grayce                                   Many belief systems have appeared, ranging
          Page 12: High Vibrational In The New Organic - Stephen Sinatra                                  from: the end of the physical world, massive
          Page 14: Intuitive Energy Healing - Wendy De Rosa                                               solar flares destroying all technology, a gigantic
                                                                                                          asteroid blowing us to bits, aliens landing and
          Page 15: Shamanic Parenting - Imelda Almqvist
                                                                                                          taking us away, reptiles taking over the world,
          Page 16: You Can Beat Cancer - Carl O Helvie
                                                                                                          to Jesus riding in on a cloud to gather the
          Page 17: Steve Judd’s Monthly Musing - Steve Judd
                                                                                                          devout, leaving the sinners to perish. The list
          Page 18: Our Advertisers                                                                        goes on, but suffice it to say, what is needed is
          Page 19: Our Advertisers                                                                        the voice of reason within all the
          Page 20: Optimizing Spinal Surgery- David Hanscom                                               misinformation, illogic and chaos currently
          Page 21: Gran’s Garden - Gwilda Wiyaka                                                          swirling around us.
          Page 22: A Voice Saved My Life - Bill Bennett                                                          There is no denying we are in times of
          Page 23: Optimizing Your Intuitive Skills - Diane Brandon                                       transformation. As with all things in transition
          Page 24: Intuition And Premonitions - Dawson Church                                             from one system to another, there is a period of
          Page 25: Soul Retrieval and EMDR - Edie Stone                                                   chaos as the old way disintegrates, freeing the
          Page 27: Dreamtime And Shamanism - Sandra Corcoran                                              constituent parts to form the new.
                                                                                                                 And so it is, as the sun continues on its
          Page 28: Caves Of Power - Sergio Magaña
                                                                                                          cyclic journey around the Milky Way, leaving
          Page 29: On-line Shamanic Courses - Gwilda Wiyaka
                                                                                                          the frequency represented by the Piscean age
          Page 30: So, We’re Still Here. Now What?- Gwilda Wikaya
                                                                                                          and entering the higher frequency area of the
          Page 31: Courage To Tell Our Stories - Diana Raab
                                                                                                          galaxy represented by the Aquarian age – the
          Page 32: Living Creatively With Nature - Kirby Hancock                                          new age.
          Page 33: Find Your Path Home - Gwilda Wiyaka
          Page 35: Transform The Past - Maureen Higgins                                                    “Everything is energy and that’s all there is
          Page 36: Silence And The Unitive Experience - Christina Donnell                                  to it. Match the frequency of the reality you
          Page 37: Resonance - Cody Alexander                                                                want, and you cannot help but get that
          Page 38: SimulTV                                                                                  reality. It can be no other way. This is not
                                                                                                          Philosophy, this is Physics.” ~ Albert Einstein

                                                                                                          As we shift from the frequency supporting our
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