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Optimizing Your Intuitive Skills                                                                                     23

             3 Points for Optimizing

               Your Intuitive Skills

                       Diane Brandon

          Intuition is a wonderful tool to use in our lives,
          and increasing numbers of people are
          discovering its benefits for themselves.  That
          said, as someone who has both utilized intuition
          and taught intuitive skills to others for many
          years, I know that there are ins and outs to
          intuition that may not always make using it
                                                                                                         can invite it in and can even learn how to access
          smooth sailing. The good news is that these are        So start off with your own particular
          not insurmountable obstacles, and we can ways and forms, and then be open to more over         it on demand. I have been doing this for over 25
          optimize our intuitive skills by being mindful of time.                                        years, and numerous intuitives do it.
                                                                                                                I refer to the method I use as “tuning in.”
          some of these ins and outs.                    Point # 2:  Intuition is Not Foolproof          It involves shifting my level of consciousness,
                 The following points should allow you to
                                                                                                         blanking my mind out, posing a question, and
          use your intuition more adeptly in your life and  We may expect once we are using our intuition  waiting for information, in any form it may
          reap more of it its rewards.                   that the intuitive information we get will always
                                                                                                         come. (I detail this method at length in my book,
                                                         be reliable and correct. Unfortunately, this is not  Intuition for Beginners: Easy Ways to Awaken
          Point # 1:  Intuition is Not a One-Size-       true. Intuition is far from foolproof.
                                                                                                         Your Natural Abilities.)  This method not only
          Fits-All Faculty                                       First of all, I’m a firm believer that we  allows us to access intuitive information on
                                                         get the information we’re supposed to have. If
                                                                                                         demand, but also can allow us to receive
          Have you found yourself looking to others who  we could “game the system” and always get       information that is clearer and more reliable. In
          are skilled with their intuition as examples to  correct information, there would be less      being clear in using this method, we are more
          follow? Have you felt that you needed to       likelihood of our unfolding and growing. And    apt to bypass our personal stuff, so that it doesn’t
          conform to others’ examples, and thought that  unfolding and growing is one of the major       affect or contaminate the information we
          you came up short with your intuition?         reasons why we’re here on this planet in a      receive.
                 When I first started using my intuition  human form. We may get information that’s not         Learning to tune in to receive
          professionally, I felt that I didn’t know what I  correct, which then leads us to have experiences  information can allow you to optimize and grow
          was doing.  I kept feeling that my intuition   from which we learn and strengthen.             your intuitive skills, while also maximizing the
          should be direct and unmistakable and that I           Secondly, our personal stuff (wants,    reliability of the information you get.
          needed to see things visually. In other words, I  fears, needs, biases, mindsets, etc.) will often  So take note of these points, and watch your
          assumed this was how intuition worked for those  creep in and contaminate the intuitive        intuition growing in a beautiful way.
          who were skilled with it, and that it couldn’t  information we get, rendering it much less
          work in any other way.                         reliable.  This is part of being a human and    About the Author:
                 This is not at all true! Intuition is highly  having a human psyche, and it can make using     Diane Brandon is an Integrative Intuitive
          individual. It is far from a one-size-fits-all skill.  our intuition more of a challenge and less  Counselor, teacher, former radio host, and
          Just because you may admire someone whose      reliable.                                       coach, as well as the author of Born  Aware:
          intuition speaks to him or her in visual images        It’s very important to be mindful of this  Stories & Insights from Those Spiritually Aware
          does not mean that this is how your intuition will  “loosey-goosey” aspect of intuition, making it  Since Birth, Intuition for Beginners: Easy Ways
          work for you.                                  more like jello that we can’t rely on, rather than  to Awaken  Your  Natural Abilities,  Dream
                 It’s very important to learn how your   a firm structure.                               Interpretation for Beginners: Understand the
          intuition speaks to you, not how it speaks to          Being aware of our personal stuff, while  Wisdom of Your Sleeping Mind, and Invisible
          others. Do you visually see things? Do you feel  trying to clear it or at least minimize it, can help,  Blueprints. Born and raised in New Orleans, she
          or sense things? Do you have an inner voice that  as can some methods of receiving intuitive   has an  A.B. from Duke University and did
          speaks to you?  There are many, many ways in   information. (See the next point.) That said, it’s  Master’s work at University of North Carolina.
          which we can be spoken to, and intuitive       quite helpful to be aware of this aspect of     Her website is[]
          information can come to us in many different   intuition.
          ways and forms.
                 I would start off with befriending your Point # 3:  We Don’t Have to Wait for
          intuition as it is. Let it appear to you and speak  Intuitive Information to Come to Us
          to you in its own way, while you allow yourself
          to recognize just how it’s doing this. It’s very
          important to start off with your own experience
                                                         Most people experience their intuition when
          with it, knowing that how you’re spoken to is
                                                         information comes to them spontaneously. As a
          perfectly fine. How we’re spoken to is how
                                                         result, many people may tend to feel they have
          we’re supposed to be spoken to.
                                                         to wait for their intuition to speak to them –
                 Over time, you may find your intuition
                                                         when it feels like it, so to speak.
          begins to speak to you in additional ways,
                                                         One wonderful aspect of intuition is that we
          especially if you are open to it doing so. This is
                                                         don’t need to wait for it to appear. Instead, we
          what happened to me.
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