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Is “The New Age” Old News?                                                                                         3

             Is “The New Age” Old


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                 What is really going on?
                 Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev is a professor of
          geology and mineralogy, the chief scientific
          member of the United Institute of Geology,
          Geophysics and Mineralogy within the Siberian
          department of the Russian  Academy of
          Sciences, and an expert on global ecology.
                 Dmitriev‘s study cites that changes in
          the basic physics and behaviors of the Earth are
          becoming irreversible. There is strong evidence
          these changes are caused by our movement into
          what Dmitriev calls “a highly charged material
          and energetic non-uniformity” – or, in other
          words, a higher density energy in interstellar
                 This highly charged energetic material is
          being absorbed into the interplanetary area of
          our Solar System, creating what Dmitriev refers
          to as “hybrid processes and excited energy
          states in all planets, as well as the Sun.”
                 Dmitriev also stresses is that this is not
          just his own hypothesis:                               The astrological ages, as well as the          Just so, we enter the dawning of a new
                 “A greater number of specialists in     Mayan calendar, are actually a mapping of the age, and with it, a complete transformation.
          climatology, geophysics, planetophysics and    solar system’s cyclic relative positioning in the      We haven’t been abducted by aliens,
          heliophysics are tending towards a cosmic      galaxy, in relationship to other heavenly bodies eaten by reptiles, nuked by atomics, struck by an
          causative sequence version for what is         as well as energetic influences. It would appear asteroid, carried off by angels, or blown up by
          happening. Indeed, events of the last decade   Dr. Dmitriev’s studies are observing the effect of the sun. So, we’re still here. Now what?
          give strong evidence of unusually significant  the energy present in the portion of the galaxy        What we need is a voice of reason in
          heliospheric       and       planetophysical   characterized by the astrological  Age of these tumultuous times.
          transformations.”                              Aquarius, which mysteriously correlates to the         What is required is a new approach to the
                 Dmitriev also proposes the changes are  end of the “end of days,” foretold by the Mayan New Age, one backed by science and reason. We
          forcing a more highly integrated view of the   calendar.                                       need leading edge, well researched information
          Cosmos.                                                While many mistakenly assumed this to on these changing influences, in order to chart
                 “The climatic and biosphere processes   be a literal foretelling of the end of the world, our way.
          here on Earth (through a tightly connected     the Mayan calendar remains the most accurate           Indeed, let’s start anew, sans the hype,
          feedback system) are directly impacted by, and  calendar known to humankind. What if, instead hysteria and untrained, self-proclaimed gurus
          linked back to, the general overall            of the end of the world, the Mayan calendar who have appropriated from a plethora of
          transformational processes taking place in our  mapped the end of one era of frequency ancient practices, while having little to no
          Solar System. We must begin to organize our    influence, and the beginning of another?        understanding of their original form or
          attention and thinking to understand that              This would line up not only with the application.
          climatic changes on Earth are only one part, or  astrological prediction of the Age of Aquarius,      At the same time, we need not throw out
          link, in a whole chain of events taking place in  but Dr. Dmitriev’s scientific observations.  the baby with the bath water. The changes we
          the Heliosphere.”                                                                              are experiencing are cyclic. In one form or
                 One of Dmitriev‘s major concerns is the  Unable to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, another, we have been here before and will be
          effect that these changes will have on all life  I bundled up in a blanket and sat on my porch. I here again. Hidden in many ancient practices are
          forms on Earth. Dmitriev concludes these       live high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, far viable tools, developed during our last pass, that
          changes could lead to a spontaneous mass       away from any neighbors or light pollution. The can now ease our way. Let us immerse ourselves
          evolution of humanity, creating “new and       moon had set and it was so completely dark, I in serious study of what has been left, as well as
          deeper qualities of life.”                     couldn’t make out the landscape at all. The only the new scientific facts emerging.
                 “The adaptive responses of the          light was the morning star, shining like a             The New Age is not old news – it is upon
          biosphere, and humanity, to these new          diamond in the east.                            us. Much like the sunrise, it is gradually
          conditions may lead to a total global revision of      Gradually, so slowly I couldn’t perceive emerging, bringing with it massive, profound
          the range of species and life on Earth. New and  it changing, the sky shifted from jet black to and lasting change. Let’s regroup, reframe,
          deeper qualities of life may come forth,       dark indigo, silhouetting the pinion pines. Soon, rethink and endeavor to evolve gracefully.[]
          bringing the new physical state of the Earth into  I could make out details such as my porch
          an equilibrium.                                railing, as the light slowly increased. I sat there
                 The current period of transformation is  for the longest time, marveling at the gradual
          transient, and the transition of life‘s        transformation, until it became so light, the
          representatives to the future may take place only  morning star disappeared. Yet at no time was I
          after a deep evaluation of what it will take to  able to observe the process of changing. Finally,
          comply with these new Earthly biospheric       dawn broke as the sun predictably rose over the
          conditions …                                   mountains.
                 “Therefore, it is not only the climate that     It  wasn’t an earth shattering event, but a
          is becoming new, but we as human beings are    gentle emergence – a transformation that ended
          experiencing a global change in the vital      the night, bringing with it the light of day.
          processes of living organisms, or life itself;  However, I could not say precisely when the
          which is yet another link in the total process.”   shift occurred.                        
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