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4                                                Listen To Love

           Choosing to Listen to the

           Voice of Love in Times of


               Corinne Zupko, Ed.S., L.P.C.,

          Wherever we look, there appears to be endless
          cause for anxiety. It seems natural, even easy to
          be fearful, while peacefulness seems elusive,
          reserved for some time in the future.
                 This fear can wear on our bodies and
          minds. But worse, the fear compounds itself. As
          we give energy to one fearful thought or belief,
          our thoughts multiply with other reasons to be
          afraid, causing us to limit what we do, robbing
          us of sleep and leaving our coping mechanisms
                                                          2. Know That Love Is In You.                   we are made of, then I can come to know it in
          ineffectual.                                           Even though the voice of fear is loud,  myself by my willingness to see it in others.
                 This was my life — overwhelmed by
                                                          there is part of your mind that knows how to
          constant anxiety, afraid of what was going to
                                                          perceive with love. Through your willingness to  About the Author: Corinne Zupko, EdS, LPC,
          happen next, worried sick about health and the
                                                          acknowledge and turn to the quiet part of your  is the author of From Anxiety to Love. As a
          well-being of loved ones.  Today, things are
                                                          mind that knows love, you give space for loving  licensed counselor and keynote speaker, she has
          different. I sleep well, wake up with peace in my
                                                          perception to return.                          helped thousands of individuals through her
          mind, and feel a sense of ease throughout the
                                                          3. Be Willing To See Another’s Challenging     one-on-one counseling, weekly meditation
          day. What happened? This shift gradually came   Behavior as a Call For Love.                   classes for corporations, and the largest virtual
          about as I started to listen to the voice of love in   When triggered by another person’s      conference of ACIM in the world through the
          my mind, instead of the voice of fear. It took  words or actions, can you be willing to see their  organization Miracle Share International, which
          ongoing practice and commitment.
                                                          behavior as a call for love? If someone is     she cofounded. She lives in New Jersey. Visit
                 The voice of fear is what we are
                                                          causing pain, it must be because they are in pain  her online at []
          accustomed to. It tells us that everyone else has
                                                          themselves, and don’t recognize that they are
          it better, we aren’t worthy or “lucky,” shouldn’t
                                                          listening to the voice of fear.                  THE ‘X’ ZONE BROADCAST
          bother trying, that we’ll be happy only when we
                                                          4. Get Honest.
          achieve a certain goal like the perfect job, the                                                              NETWORK
                                                                 There are areas in our lives where we’d
          perfect partner, etc. Yet, if we get any of those  rather judge and condemn. If you do not want to     Broadcasting 24/7/365
          things, we find ourselves fearful of losing them  perceive with love, that’s okay, but be honest        For The Very Best Of
          or wanting something else. The voice of fear,   with yourself about this. Leave a tiny bit of
          which is the source of strain, fuels                                                               Paranormal, Parapsychology,
                                                          willingness that there might be another way of
          dissatisfaction, conflict, and division.                                                             New Age and Much More!
                                                          perceiving a situation. What would it hurt to ask
                 The opposite is the voice of love, telling
                                                          the part of your mind that is loving to see things
          us of our joy, our safety, and worthiness. It                                                     •  A Different Perspective with Col.
                                                          differently? You don’t have to actually see with
          brings forth a sense of ease. It tells us that                                                      Kevin Randle
                                                          love, you just have to be willing to see in order
          everything we could possibly need is found                                                        •  Connecting with Coincidence with Dr.
                                                          for a shift to come.
          within us, right now. But...the voice of love is  5. Practice Putting the Loving Part of Your       Bernie Beitman, MD
          quiet, easily drowned out by the voice of fear.                                                   •  Eureka Radio Show with Glenda
                                                          Mind In Charge.
                 Herein lies our problem.  There is                                                           Shenkal
                                                                 I once tried to send love to everyone I
          nothing in our culture that consistently                                                          •  International Police Association
                                                          passed on a 5-mile walk. By the end, I was
          encourages us to stop, slow down, and choose                                                        Radio Show with Les Bodrogi
                                                          exhausted. The next time, I simply turned to the
          again. Instead, the voice of fear is actively                                                     •  Kal’s Korner with Kal Korff
                                                          part of my mind that knows love and said, “I am
          reinforced by the world, and because it is so                                                     •  Know the Name with Sharon Lynne
                                                          willing to see with love. Show me the way.”
          loud, choosing love can seem impossible. Yet, it                                                    Wyeth
                                                          Encouraged by the 5-mile-high feeling of
          is more than possible to do so.                                                                   •  Mission: Evolution with Gwilda
                                                          gratitude that spontaneously occurred for
                                                          everyone who passed by, the experience
          To practice choosing love in times of fear,     remained with me as a touchstone for further      •  Paranormal StakeOut with Larry
          experiment with these steps:                                                                        Lawson
                                                                                                            •  Seek Reality Radio Show with
          1. Make Peace Your Goal.                                                                            Roberta Grimes
                                                          Perceiving with love is not condoning or
                 You want a peaceful mind, but it is                                                        •  Two Good To Be True with Justina
                                                          approving the actions of another, but rather it is
          important not to tie your peace to a specific                                                       Marsh and Peter Marsh
                                                          about opening your heart to join with the love
          outcome, like staying on your diet, for example.                                                  •  The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show with Rob
                                                          that exists in all of us. This is crucial because in
          This desire for peace is always the first step in                                                   McConnell
                                                          this world, what is seen by one as loving,
          choosing to listen to the voice of love. Decide  another may see as hurtful. A powerful prayer I
          you want to learn how to consciously respond to  have used to help me open up to seeing with
          challenging circumstances with love, rather
                                                          love is, “I want to see the love in you, because I
          than having knee-jerk reactions based on fear.
                                                          want to know it in myself.” If love is truly what  a Div. of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company
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