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6                             D.N.A. Is Not Your Destiny

              Your DNA is Not Your


                       Dawson Church

          One of the most fascinating and newest fields in
          science is epigenetics. Epigenetics measures
          changes in DNA that are due to influences
          outside the genes themselves. I've been
          involved in many studies of epigenetics, and its
          effects since the turn of the century.
                 Just because your cells contain a gene
          doesn't mean it's active. Genes need to be turned
          on, or "expressed," in order to have an effect.  diagnosis? "Cancer free." Her oncogenes were      evidence-based practice for the treatment of
          It's like turning on a light: the switch must be  no longer expressed. Janice had shifted her      psychological and physiological conditions.
          tripped in order for the light to shine. Simply  energy and consciousness, and the genes of her    Psychology, 4(08), 645.
          having a gene doesn't mean it's expressed any   body had shifted in response.                   •  Church, D., Yount, G., Rachlin, K., Fox, L.,
          more than simply having a bulb means that the          Albert Einstein said that, "The field is    & Nelms, J. (2018). Epigenetic Effects of
          light is turned on.                             the sole governing agency of the particle."        PTSD Remediation in  Veterans Using
                 In particular, I study the epigenetics of  Energy fields like those that doctors measure,   Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques: A
          stress. Genes that contain the genetic code for  using medical devices like MRIs and EEGs,         Randomized Controlled Pilot Study.
          stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline,  shape the particles of which our bodies are        American Journal of Health Promotion,
          are turned on by stress. Stress triggers the    composed.                                          32(1), 112-122.
          expression of these genes, and your body uses          We aren't used to thinking of energy     •  Goyal, M., Singh, S., Sibinga, E. M., Gould,
          that genetic code to build the hormones         techniques like meditation, tapping and qigong     N. F., Rowland-Seymour, A., Sharma, R., ...
          themselves. Stress > gene expression >          as “real” medical interventions, like pills and    & Ranasinghe, P. D. (2014). Meditation
          hormones.                                       surgery.  Yet research shows that they             programs for psychological stress and well-
                 In my book Mind to Matter:  The          profoundly change our bodies. When we reduce       being: a systematic review and meta-
          Astonishing Science Behind How  Your Brain      our stress levels in this way, we change our       analysis. JAMA Internal Medicine, 174(3),
          Creates Material Reality, I tell the story of   consciousness. That can flip the switches that     357-368.
          Janice, a friend of mine who was diagnosed      determine which genes are turned on. In a study  •  Jahnke, R., Larkey, L., Rogers, C., Etnier, J.,
          with breast cancer. At first, she panicked. Gene  of veterans with PTSD who received 10            & Lin, F. (2010). A comprehensive review of
          tests showed that cancer genes, called          sessions of EFT, my colleagues and I found that    health benefits of qigong and tai chi.
          "oncogenes," were highly expressed in her cells.  6 key genes were switched on, including genes    American Journal of Health Promotion,
          Like lights, they were turned on.               that reduce inflammation throughout the body       24(6), e1-e25.[]
          I urged Janice to do everything in her power to  (Church et al., 2018).
          reduce her stress levels, knowing that this            Your DNA is not your destiny.  Your               CONNECTING WITH
          would dial down the expression of the genes     genes do not determine your future, any more                COINCIDENCE
          that code for cortisol and other stress markers  than having bulbs in your home determines                         WITH
          that are typically higher in cancer patients    whether or not the lights are on.  As you
          (Balkwill & Mantovani, 2012).                   deliberately choose to shift your consciousness,    DR. BERNIE BEITMAN, MD
                 Janice quickly got serious about healing.  calming your stress, filling your mind with
          She phoned or emailed friends in the medical    positive thoughts, and regulating your field with
          and research worlds, as well as experts in      energy techniques, you turn on the lights of
          energy medicine. She began to use a variety of  healing and regeneration throughout your body.
          energy methods to center herself daily.  Those         Dawson Church is the author of Mind to
          included qigong, meditation, and EFT tapping.   Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your
          EFT (Emotional Freedom  Techniques) uses        Brain Creates Material Reality. He has
          fingertip tapping on acupuncture points, in     conducted many scientific studies of health and
          combination with affirmations. Over 100         epigenetics. He shares scientific breakthroughs
          studies show that it's highly effective for     on gene expression and peak performance at
          anxiety, depression, and stress (Church, 2013).
          Meditation and qigong also have hundreds of            His website:
          studies supporting their efficacy for both
          physical and mental illness (Jahnke et al., 2010;  References:
          Goyal et al., 2014).                             •  Balkwill, F. R., & Mantovani,  A. (2012).           From Coincidences to
                 Three months later, after changing her      Cancer-related inflammation: common           Synchronicities - Take the Test!
          energy and her attitude 180 degrees, and           themes and therapeutic opportunities.
          consistently practicing these methods, Janice      Seminars in Cancer Biology 22(1), 33-40. 
          went back to the hospital for another              Academic Press.
          comprehensive battery of tests. Her new          •  Church, D. (2013). Clinical EFT as an
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