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Preventing and Reversing Diabetes                                                                                           7

           Six Lifestyle Choices For

           Preventing and Reversing


                 Dr. Pankaj Vij, MD, FACP

          The ancient Greek physician,  Aretaeus of
          Cappadocia (c. 81—c. 138), described diabetes
          as a "melting down of the flesh and limbs into
                 Many experts argue that type 2 diabetes
          is an incurable disease that gets worse with the
          passage of time. As a matter of fact, this is what foods, carefully read the ingredient labels and lifestyle choices.
          is taught in every medical textbook:  Type 2 pick the ones with the fewest ingredients. Drop
          diabetes is a gradually progressive chronic juices, sodas, artificial sweeteners and chemical About the Author:
          disease that affects all the organ systems of the additives. Drink water as your main fluid and       Pankaj Vij, MD, FACP, is the author of
          body. It can be managed but not reversed.      steer clear of dairy and alcohol.               Turbo Metabolism.  As a doctor of internal
                 But new research raises the tantalizing                                                 medicine, he has helped thousands of patients
          possibility that drastic changes in lifestyle may 2. Make physical activity inevitable.        lose weight, manage chronic health conditions,
          reverse the disease in some people. As it turns        We are made to be in constant motion. and improve their physical fitness.  Visit him
          out, type 2 diabetes is the direct result of an Start a weight-resistance program and make a online at
          accumulation of visceral fat, or belly fat, in the commitment to 10,000 steps every day. You can      Based on the book  Turbo Metabolism.
          midsection of the body. Studies have also shown walk or run in place, on a treadmill, in a mall, on Copyright ©2018 by Pankaj Vij, MD.  []
          that obese individuals who have bariatric the trails, or just around. Just get it done.
          surgery frequently see the condition vanish, long Evidence in the research has demonstrated that    THE ‘X’ CHRONICLES
          before they lose any weight at all, suggesting walking at least 10,000 steps every day has the
          that metabolic diseases are a result of hormonal greatest return for effort in improvement in              NEWSPAPER
          imbalance, which can be corrected.             overall health maintenance for exercise.                     The World’s First
                 We know that type 2 diabetes is caused                                                       Paranormal / Parapsychology
          by insulin resistance resulting from droplets of 3. Quit Smoking. Period, enough said.
          fat blocking the insulin receptors on the liver,       Also eliminate chemical toxins, which
          the muscles, and in all the tissues that require have made their way into our food supply. Meat,            Is Now Available
          insulin to open the channels for glucose to enter eggs and dairy are a big source of toxins, and        With Our Compliments
          as a fuel. Therefore, if we can figure out a way conventionally farmed produce can be harmful,                       at
          to remove the fat blocking the insulin receptors, too. Eat organic whenever possible.   
          it makes sense that we could reverse this
          condition.                                     4. Get Enough Sleep.                                Published monthly since 1990,
                 At the turns out, type 2 diabetes, as well      Our vital systems replenish, rejuvenate
          as obesity, high blood pressure, and           and reset themselves when we get deep restful      The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper, is
          cardiovascular disease, all of which are sleep. Many of us are getting less than our                read and downloaded in over
          disorders of metabolism, are to a huge extent, required amount of sleep, wreaking havoc on                      7,238
          the result of our lifestyle choices. That means our metabolism, appetite regulation, and
          that by fixing the lifestyle choices that created immune system.                                             Identified Cities
          insulin resistance, we can prevent and often                                                               Around The World
          reverse these metabolic diseases.              5. Manage Your Stress.
                 The key to using lifestyle as therapy is to     Activation of the parasympathetic
          first understand, and optimize, the master levers nervous system with some form of meditation,    Stories and articles include topics
          of health.  While there is a lot of controversy, whether it is concentrative, expressive, or           such as - UFOs, Ghosts,
          even among experts, about the best diet, there is mindfulness meditation, can act as an antidote to  Hauntings, Demonic Possession,
          absolutely no controversy about the following the constant onslaught of damage from modern         Alien Abductions, Government
          six master levers of health.                   living.                                                   Conspiracies, Psychic
                 When we optimize six master levers of
                                                                                                             Phenomena, Remote Viewing,
          health, we can create conditions for the body to 6. Enjoy Meaningful Social Connections.
                                                                                                             Bigfoot, Urban Legends, Near-
          return to its default state of balance, harmony        Deep and meaningful connections with
          and wellbeing, effectively reversing metabolic other people are vital to the maintenance of          Death Experiences, Ancient
          diseases and losing fat in the areas where it health.  These are people we can discuss our         Mysteries, Unsolved Mysteries
          needs to be lost.                              innermost thoughts with, without feeling             and so much more, all in one
                                                         ashamed or judged. The benefits go far beyond          place, in one publication...
          1. Eat a Nutrient Dense Plant Rich Diet.       psychosocial and extend into physical and
                 Eating foods that you would encounter in mental aspects of our health. “Friend power”
          nature generally provide the healthiest may be more important than willpower, because
          nutritional value. If you must buy packaged our social circle is a strong determinant of our        A div. of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company
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