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8                Frequencies Can Change Your Life

           How Healing Frequencies

             Can Change Your Life

                       Ellen McDonough

          Is it possible to improve, health, wealth, sleep,
          youthfulness, and achieve spiritual awakening
          through energetically-encoded audios? I believe
          it is.
                 In the mid-2000’s, I suffered from
          terrible burnout, combined with extreme fatigue
          and a series of bizarre symptoms that no one
          could explain, let alone heal.  While dietary
          changes and supplements helped the symptoms,
          they were not a cure. I saw countless health
                                                          include:                                       have free tracks so that you can experience an
          practitioners, both allopathic and holistic, but
                                                          •      clearing your energy field              energetically encoded audio for the first time.
          despite their best intentions, nothing changed. I  •   expanding your consciousness            It is my hope that these little known gems help
          felt miserable, depressed and hopeless.
                                                          •      clearing and aligning your chakras      others create positive changes in their own
                 Fortunately, synchronicity led me to
                                                          •      improving sleep                         lives, just as I have in mine.
          discover audio tracks infused with powerful,
                                                          •      increasing abundance
          high frequency energies and with specific, pure
                                                          •      rejuvenating and re-contouring your     About the Author:
          intentions. I was familiar with energy work like
                                                          body                                                   Ellen McDonough is the founder of
          Reiki, but was skeptical that just listening to
                                                                 Since everything is composed of energy  PureLight Audio , a
          audio tracks could be effective; even so, I
                                                          and vibrational patterns, by introducing high,  mobile app available from the iTunes  App
          decided to give them a try.
                                                          spiritual energies carrying a specific intention,  Store.
                 To begin with, some of the audios        the current condition must shift to a more             Ellen is also a visionary artist who
          triggered a detox; however, after a few days, I
                                                          harmonious state. Virtually anything is possible  channels images of  Atlantis, high spiritual
          gradually began to feel better, as if some old
                                                          with high spiritual frequencies!               realms and other star systems, then imbues her
          energy that had been weighing me down had
                                                                                                         images with Light and high frequencies. Ellen’s
                                                          Where Can  You Get Energetically               art may be viewed at
                 After that, I decided to try other
                                                          Encoded Audios?                                []
          energetically-encoded    audios    that   did
          everything from clearing chakras to shifting                                                        NEW AGE QUOTES
          consciousness. Eventually, by listening to      As I began to connect with more people in the
          energetically-encoded audios from a number of   mind/body/spirit world, I found that not many   •  “The only time you fail is when you fall
          different healers, one by one, my symptoms      knew about these unique audio experiences, but     down and stay down.” - Stephen Richards,
          vanished and my energy returned.  While this    most were curious and wanted to give them a        Cosmic Ordering: You can be successful
          wasn’t the only factor in my recovery, these    try.
          audios, produced by healers around the world,          It turns out that most of these audios are  •  “If you want the best the world has to offer,
          played a key role.                              not available via iTunes. Currently, these are the  offer the world your best.” - Neale Donald
                                                          choices for getting energetically-encoded
          What are Energetically-Encoded                  audios:
                                                           •  Tele-summits. Many of the healers who
          Audios?                                                                                         •  “You don't need to change the world; you
                                                             produce these types of audios are guests on
                                                                                                             need to change yourself.” -  Miguel Ruiz
                                                             tele-summits. They are interviewed by the
          Basically, an energetically-encoded audio is one
                                                             host where they describe their work and
          that's been infused by a healer with powerful                                                   •  “I’ve always hated the “Who are you?"
                                                             offer special packages for a limited time,
          intentions and spiritual frequencies to create a                                                   question.  This is a philosophical inquiry.
                                                             typically when they have new audios.
          specific, positive change in your life.                                                            Answering that question is why we’re on
                                                           •  Individual Healer  Websites. Many of the
                 Some energetically-encoded audios                                                           earth. You can’t answer it in thirty seconds
                                                             healers have their own websites where you
          include music, some include Light Language,                                                        or in an elevator.” -  Sandy Nathan,
                                                             can buy and download individual audios or
          others include talking, and some are completely                                                    Numenon
                                                             audio packages. You can download them to
          silent. Some have binaural or other types of
                                                             your computer or transfer them to your
          beats, which are known to affect your mental                                                    •  “I have a special pair of poop shoes under
                                                             mobile phone.  Mobile  App.  We recently
          state and brain waves.                                                                             my desk. Whenever I need to drop a deuce, I
                                                             created the PureLight  Audio mobile app,
                 Once you have the audios, you can listen                                                    slip them on and scurry to the restroom, and
                                                             which is a central marketplace for these
          actively, or in many cases, simply loop the                                                        no one ever knows it's me. Like, if I'm
                                                             audios, as well as instructions for how to use
          audio in the background during the day, or even                                                    wearing Louboutins that day, and my
                                                             them. Many of the healers who offer
          while you are sleeping. The audios can last from                                                   producer sees Earth shoes in the stall....well,
                                                             energetically encoded audios have included
          a minute to an hour or longer.                                                                     you get the idea. It was truly a lightbulb
                                                             their products and packages in the app, and
                 Some examples of how energetically-                                                         moment when that came to me.” -  Oprah
                                                             many more will be added over time.
          encoded audios can help transform your life                                                        Winfrey
                                                          Price points for audios vary, but many healers
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